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the damages of eating out

Several years ago, we ate out all the time. Not only did it hurt the pocket book. It also affected our health – gaining weight, high blood pressure and other unwanted ailments I choose not to list. So we stopped, deciding that it was important to grocery shop and making our own home-cooked meals. It worked. We lost the weight. The blood pressure went down, and we acquired a new and improved taste for food – using less salt and bringing about the flavors by choosing other spices and garnish. A little over a month ago, due to my hectic schedule in general and trying to fit in too much in a day, we reverted back to eating out at minimum 4 nights a week. Suddenly, I hated food, everything we ate had too much salt used for flavoring mostly or even to cover up some unpleasant tastes. I wondered if it were possible to ask for less salt when ordering my food, but never considered bothering the waiter. Then I went for a physical and discovered my blood pressure was back up to a place I am not too happy about. Salt, I knew was the culprit, and it was time I made a change. But I had to wait until I returned from a business trip down to Los Angeles this past week to promote my novels, because I knew I was going to eat out every day for five days. And here is where I start:


Sodium smart meals – click photo to be redirected


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