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words and pictures – a film for artists with passion for word and pictures


I am an author and an artist who appreciates words and pictures, knowing how each compliments the other and both are equally important for society to exist. So I had to see the film Words and Pictures to understand how such a topic is address in film.

First of all I have to applaud Gerard Di Pego for an outstanding screen write. I haven’t seen such good writing in a while for films geared towards mid-life. The best in my opinion was It’s Complicated and since then I’ve been patiently waiting for a story just as good.

Second, of course I happen to be a huge Clive Owen fan,  someone who’s been waiting for the talented actor to do funny. I got a glimpse of his ability to be funny in Duplicity with Julia Roberts and since then, I have been hoping he would remove his typical black raincoat, black tie in all things doom and gloom and consider a charming, funny role. My prayers have been answered.

In the film Words and Pictures, Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche, butt heads in trying to prove to one another the importance of words and pictures in today’s modern world. Pointing out to the viewers how texting, Facebook and Pinterest put limitations on how we speak, if we read anymore, and the power of pictures taking over everything else, making us all think of the damage we are doing to society or perhaps not.

I applaud Fred Schepisi for his fine work,  a beautiful story told in colors, words, scenery, and all things that make an amazing and powerful film. I also applaud Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche equally for giving a powerful performance, portraying 2 mid-life individuals aching for the same thing…love and finding their self worth.

The film was more than I imagined, walking into the theater with a skeptical friend who, afterwards walked out feeling revived and challenged and sincerely entertained. Go see the film It is one of the best for 2014 and I hope there is a nomination in the works for Clive Owen mostly and Juliette Binoche second.

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