inspired to write in portofino, italy


When I worked in the travel industry, I thumbed through hundreds of travel and tour marketing brochures, aiming to learn everything about the business. At the time, I turned the pages, marking with a sticky note or a paperclip, all the places around the world I wanted to see. Portofino was one of those places. I finally got a chance to go there two years ago, and the moment I arrived From Genoa by train-to-bus to the small fishing village, I was completely taken aback by how perfectly surreal the place was. Enchanted if you will, surely one of the best places to photograph and fall in love with. I spend hours at an outdoor eatery, people watching and taking in all that I could about the place, while imagining how people lived and vacationed in the quant town. I couldn’t get enough of the best facaccia bread also , baked perfectly with local olives and grilled onions among the dozen or so other ingredients; all choices displayed in small bakeries, lined along the narrow streets. Besides the romance of it all, Portofino was where I outlined my first novel, coming up with the base of the storyline.  Since then I dream of going back and every time I search online for places to travel on my annual trip, the famous photo of Portofino pops up on my screen luring me, suggesting for me to take a trip there again, feeling the need to immerse  myself in the colorful town, getting lost among the crowd, just existing.

Do you have a story about a place so special?

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