Month: January 2013

healthy eating: yogurt with caramelized figs

While adjusting to my new eating regiment (going on week three), I have to incorporate at least 6oz of plain yogurt with some sort of fresh fruit on a daily basis. Since the recipe never indicated which brand of yogurt to consider, I decided to go with my favorite yogurt complimented with fresh organic  blueberries. I loved the combination until of course I came across this recipe and my world hasn’t been the same since: Yogurt topped with Caramelized Figs 1 cup Yogurt of choice (I used Fage Plain Yogurt) 2 Figs, halved 3 Tbsp Organic Agave Sprinkles of Pistachio Nuts Dashes of Ground Cinnamon To caramelize the figs, add agave to a small skillet and place figs face down. Simmer over low heat until browned and toasty smelling (3-4 minutes). Place yogurt into bowl, drizzle over caramelized figs and sprinkle over pistachios and dashes of cinnamon. {click here for photo credit}

golden globe 2013 – fashion sense winner

Normally, or actually for several years now, I have included some of my favorite  and not so favorite fashion choices celebrities opted for, for their walk across the red carpet. This year, however, although most have impressively selected  fashionable and exquisite gowns, classic Hollywood hairstyles and jewelry worthy of praise, I have to say one person in particular who stood out the most in the crowd of actors in tasteful attire is,  Jodie Foster:

being pleasantly side tracked

I got online to shop for a cocktail dress, which I need for a company party  I am hosting at the end of the month but  instead got pleasantly sidetracked by pillows from here.  And just in case you’re wondering why the candle is there, I fell in love with that as well and felt all of my selections complimented one another perfectly. Oh and about the dress, well I’ll leave the weekend for that.  🙂 Have an amazing weekend everyone. Left Top: John Robshaw Gents striped Pillow Right Top: Bond no9 Amber NY Candle Right Bottom: Missoni Nossen Zigzag pillow Left Bottom: John Robshaw Stitched Flange European Pillow/Sham

healthy eating – not just as a new year resolution

While in my twenties, I have to say I had no worries about eating healthy, nor in moderation. I was able to eat and maintain my size 4 figure for decades,  so of course when I hit 40 I figured I was still one of the lucky ones who could eat whatever she wanted to and stay thin and healthy, until of course I developed high blood pressure and other health concerns which got me to re-think my eating habits. In the last two years, I’ve been on a crusade to find the best possible recipes and menus to follow just so I could, not only maintain my weight, but also ensure, all my health issues are under control. What I got sucked into during the time was following an accelerated and pre-packaged diet plans and  although I lost weight, I didn’t do it the (very) healthy way I wanted to. I won’t mention what didn’t really work for me, but from all the aggressive dieting I not only gained the weight back, but my …

kitchen concepts from ikea

Over the weekend I walked into Ikea in search of a new kitchen design to build outside of my now permanent studio home. While I often times dream of white kitchens, I couldn’t help but fall inlove with some not typically my style, making it difficult to choose from. I can tell this is going to be a long drawn out process 🙂

boutique hotel pick – montana art deco hotel – lucerne, switzerland

With freezing cold temperatures in San Francisco, I cannot help but want to be tucked in under the covers in a room of a beautiful hotel perfectly located near snow capped mountains. One place I have always loved and haven’t been to for a while is Lucerne Switzerland and this year, while I plan my annual trip to Europe, I am going to consider a day or two here – except I would prefer the destination during the winter months.