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day 6 – travel journal – portofino, italy

After the hectic day we had while trekking through the Cinque Terre, we decided to take a day to just relax and what better place to do so than Portofino, Italy.

From Genoa, we took a train to Santa Margherita for 3.50Euro pp each way, then for  1.50Euro pp each way, we hopped on bus no 82 from the train station to Portofino and within an hour’s time from Genoa we were in one of the most peaceful fishing villages (and a hide out for the rich) in the Italian Riviera.

We spend the entire morning leisurely circling the small town on foot, then stopped for lunch at the best bakery in the area for roasted onion focassia  or two or three and then climbed up a hillside to get the postcard views which I have only seen on the cover of most  travel brochures promoting the region. We ended the day by sitting at a sidewalk bar/cafe to people watch while we contemplated their lifestyles and reasons for visiting Portofino.

The town is small, colorful and serene and only a must for anyone needing a peaceful getaway. There isn’t much to do except relax, visit the neighboring beaches to spend the day working on a golden tan and if all else fails, take a bus ride to  Santa Margherita and shop at well-known designer boutiques.

I glad I had  the chance to experience Portofino for the day and it is now on my list of places to visit and stay for at least a week 🙂  to simply relax and take in the sun.


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