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inspiring thoughts to live by – part three

Women over forty spend alot of time pep talking themselves just to endure their daily life. This is not to say anyone under 40 doesn’t feel the need to do the same, it’s just that when over 40, the pep talks become part of a daily ritual.

With that said, some women require a visual reminder of what to focus on while others seek therapy one way or another to get them through. I, for one, understand my challenges and cope with them to the best of my ability and although I found blogging a great therapy, occasionally a good quote kicks me into gear.

Hopefully, you get my point 🙂 and if not,  check out my favorite quotes from here.


  1. Ah, yes, it is another week…one would think that the complications in my life would begin to get easier; but, that hasn’t necessarily happened yet….they are merely changing and morphing into a new hurt or grief; but, I will get through this. I will be a better person, mom and friend. I will be happy. My daughter has been studying Buddha in school…it is only when you know great sorrow that you can experience great joy….omg, from a 12 year old! Thanks for the uplifting quotes, they are greatly appreciated!

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