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holiday decorative table setting

I love the holiday season and truly do not mind walking through different stores to gather ideas for the buffet table setting. However, in the past I had always avoided the color red because I hated the orange hues visible in the tone, so I stuck to golds and silver to play it safe.

This year, since the color has been perfected to a vibrant red, I can’t help but lean towards a more red, white and silver theme.  Check out some of my favorites from here:

1. Red Bridge Tea Kettle
2. Peppermint Dish Towel
3. Flatware Stockings
4. Matte Metal Red Pillars
5. Antique Red Votive
6. Diaz Red Candleholders
7. Tasmin Dessert Platter (my favorite)
8. Ombre Red table mat
9. Happy Holidays Tumbler

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