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the other bag for the working woman

Why is it so difficult to find a bag, in addition to the purse, to carry lunch and walking shoes while commuting to work? (I know a mouthful)

Well, for some strange reason I have had alot of trouble locating the perfect tote bag to do jus that. I have, over the last 6 months, purchased and returned 12 bags and at this stage, as a result of my frustration, have settled on a simple Eddie Bauer Rippac Everyday tote for 20.00  to do the trick, as well as hold me over, until I can find the best tote bag to carry my necessaties every day to and from work.

I am not picky, it’s just most bags are not designed properly to hold everything in place or if the compartment is designed correctly, the handles are not, if that is just fine, then securing the bag isn’t designed to detour theft while commuting on a crowded train.

So, I suppose I either need to design the perfect bag myself or hire someone to create the perfect bag based on my specifications. Any takers?

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