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kitchen floor – a condo remodel on a budget

Like the home remodeling shows on television ( HGTV in our case), I must repeat my opening statement just in case someone just tuned in.

I have embarked on a condo remodel with a friend of mine and it has truly been a learning process but a fun one as well. The benefit of a d.i.y. project on a place that is not your own is easy to do with a tight budget. Because although your main goal is to make it a functional and safe environment for the future owners, it is also easy to opt for a low-end product, which still gives you the warranty, functionality and the look  you want without feeling too attached to the place once personalized.

The kitchen floor of the condo is a 6×9 galley style space.  Currently the flooring is self stick linoleum tiles that are stuck together with no gap in between. Although it was a fairly new flooring, I knew we needed a fresh look to compliment the freshly painted cabinets and newly purchased appliances.

Ceramic tiles with  grout was what I envisioned for the space, even though my favorite is hardwood floors. However, dealing with ceramic tiles required precision cutting and I am not an expert to say the least. So, I did my research and discovered there are  self-adhesive tiles which you can actually grout. They are a little bit thicker than the normal self-adhesive linoleum tiles and can give you the look of ceramic flooring, without the hassle of precision tile cutting.  The added benefits were  lifetime  warranty and priced perfectly.  At 26.00 dollars for a box of 40 12×12 tiles, not a bad deal for such a small space.

So, we walked out of Home Depot with the box of tiles, grout  in alabaster tone to match the neutral hues in the flooring, sealer as  well as 1/8inch dividers to lay down the tiles with just the right amount of spacing .

Keeping my fingers crossed that we can actually do this with minimal or no hardship. Stay tuned for the results 🙂

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