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summer fog – the downfall of the city by the bay

Well, we are well on our way into June and practically only two weeks away from the beginning of Summer. Although this year it has been strange, weather wise, most everywhere around the globe,  I know for a fact some parts of the world are beginning to show signs of Summer.

This is usually the time I get really sad and unmotivated because for the next three months I will see nothing but fog outside my window.

The funny thing is most tourists and a small percentage of the locals think, the fog is beautiful,  mysterious and amazing. But even if that may be the case, in all reality it is the downfall of the city by the bay.

Sure, there are many postcards with arial views of the fog covering the city, with the sun and the blue skies above it all, but when you actually live through it, it can be a bit depressing and sometimes overwhelming.

Let me explain, most of us will wear sweats in our homes just to stay warm,  a light coat while outside to stay dry and warm, and dress in layers on most days in hopes the sun would make an appearance perhaps half an hour here and there.  We have to adhere to the density of the fog and monitor flight delays as a result of it. Driving in fog is a pain, participating in outdoor activities is insane. The beaches are  empty and outdoor restaurants are crowded mostly indoors.  By mid July we even forget that it is summer and actually look forward to fall just so we can see the sun again.

See what I mean? the fog has already brought me down. 🙂

Suppose to be a view of the Pacific Ocean

This is how it really is underneath the postcard photos of the GG bridge

Photo at Giants game cold and foggy

A S.F. neighborhood I can't even make out

{For photo credits, please click on the photo}


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