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swimwear for the woman over 40

Just like handbags and shoes are an investment for most women over 40, so are swimwear. Not only does it have to be good quality but durable enough to endure the interesting shapes the over 40 tends to take.

One of my biggest frusturation is seeing women over 40 wearing 2 piece swimwear which do not compliment the body.  There is definitealy a way to look and feel sexy with one piece suits if teh following is taken into consieration.

The criteria – swimsuit should preferably be a solid color and one that compliments the skin tone. The cut should also be taken into consieration so not to overexpose parts which do not compliment your figure. The fabric is also something to consider because the cheaper the suit, the quicker the give into the water and then out of the water.

So for this topic, I have searched online for some of my favorites from the man who knows a thing or two about the women over 40. Click here for more details.

RL Martinique Tank one piece 77

RL Surplice Tank One piece 103

RL Crocheted Halter Monokini 109

RL Halter One Piece 69

RL Banded Strapless One Piece 125

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