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i miss all things classic

You know in this day and age of modern technology, it is always good to take a moment and reflect on all things classic. I say this, because as I ride the train to work  five days a week, I can’t  help but overhear other commuters talk about their I this and I that, while others actually fidget with their I gadgets to stay entertained.

The funny thing is, I always ask, what did people do before all this handheld technology? How did we survive a train ride, a dinner out with friends, a walk in the park, a day at the beach? I mean the list is endless, seriously, I wish we can declare a day, where no one can touch their electronic devices for an entire day. Wouldn’t that be funny.

Well in light of this fact, I have included some of the things I miss the most, although some of the items are well  before my time, I still miss them. By the way, the I-phone has replaced all of the items in the photos below, including the briefcase.  The only thing left for the I-phone/I-pad  to do, is  be able to scan your travel clothes onto the I-GADGET in a zip file and take it with you to your travel destination and unload. Either way, I already miss the luggage with the stickers on them. 🙂

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