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for the love of cupcakes

What is the craze with cupcakes? I mean they have been around for years but just in the last 5years or so, every woman I can think of considers cupcakes for their get togethers more so than cakes. I suppose they are more fun, less fattening and perfectly sized for most anyone and any occasion – in America that is – just in case everyone else is scratching their heads with what I am stating here.

Anyway, I won’t deny it, I love them too and often search for cupcake specialty stores most anywhere I go in the states. My favorite is Sprinkles here and although quiet pricy, they are the best I have ever had, especially on the first day – not so much second day and after.

So in light of this subject matter, I have included photos of some of my favorite cupcake decor for your viewing pleasure. Also, please drop me a line with your favorite cupcake speciality store.

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