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oh stop it halle berry

I am not a jealous woman nor envious but sometimes I just want to say, STOP IT “celebrity” you’re making me look and feel bad about myself. Yes, you might think this is childish but reality is that most women in their 40s have as much insecurities as teenage and girls in their 20’s.

It’s that whole, body deciding what shape it should be, sometimes no matter how much you exercise or diet, and then there are the wrinkles and the gray hairs sneaking up on you and the pre-menopausal state taking over. Shall I go on?

So, when we pick up a magazine or look online and see, in this case, Halle Berry, in all her beauty, we tend to second guess ourselves, physically that is because God knows what her personal life is like, and suddenly become sad (at least in my case).

I am not sure if she has had plastic surgery or a nip tuck or whatever and frankly I don’t care. I do appreciate the end result and in my own twisted way, use her physical appearance as my gage to try and look better, so that I could feel better about myself.

In the meantime, I always wonder why some women look their age and others don’t, and I also wonder why some women who have had children look like mothers and others don’t. I know its part genetic and no matter how many makeover shows and guidelines there are on TV or in magazines, the division is forever obvious between motherly women and the Halle Berry’s of the world.

So, I have no idea why I wrote this entry but I suppose a recent photo of hers online triggered it and I would love to hear your thoughts on this, if you have a few minutes to yourself today between taking kids to soccer or ballet and juggling laundry and grocery shopping while your husbands golf or watch sports on TV.


  1. Chucky says

    Money, Money, Money, if you have like three nannies for your kid, yes one kid and someone to pick up after you all day long, an assistant to plan your day and make calls all day long, a cook to make your balance meals and a trainer to spat you at your own private gym and take care of exercises’ rutine as well and then why not a great, not just a good one, but a great plastic surgen, well guess what, you will looking this way and perhaps better than her, thank you very much; that’s your answer dear.

  2. Carla says

    Ya, I’m sick of her and Selma Hayek both. Disgusted. Enough already.

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