Month: August 2010

fall fashion 2010 trends – part 4 – socks with shoes

Not sure how I feel about this particular trend or style, it may work for anyone under 40 and a few women over 40, but the style of wearing thick, colorful socks with ANY shoes for the fall 2010 season is a definite thumbs down for me and should be banned immediately. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think?

fall fashion 2010 trends – part 1 – white stockings

Yes, Fall is just around the corner and the  fashion trends are being unveiled everywhere around the world in anticipation that this particular style will revamp the economy and boost confidence in women to shop, spend money while knowing they are going to feel the best they have ever felt. In light of the statements and the promotion of Fall fashion 2010, I have decided to include several back to back blog articles to introduce what is in and what’s not this coming Mid-September to Mid-December season. So here we go: One item of importance for this Fall is WHITE STOCKINGS. It is back in and according to the fashion industry is most useful in many ways to compliment your attire. I have included photos of examples of how to wear the WHITE STOCKINGS and although I don’t see myself wearing any of the outfits in the photos, I do see perhaps adding off-white thick lacy stockings under a nice just above the knee wool skirt with some above the knee boots or just below …

books i added to my to-read list

Here is a list of books I saw at Barnes and Nobles which I added to my to-read list for 2010. 1. Good To A Fault by Marina Endicott 2. Purge by Sofi Oksanen 3. A Happy Marriage by Rafael Iglesias 4. Lonely: A Memoir by Emily White I would love to hear from anyone who has read any of the books. Are they a good read or not.

foggy days in san francisco

Being a sun worshiper, I actually dread summers in San Francisco. Most everywhere around the globe experiences sunny, warm and even hot days in the summer months where people can actually dress colorful, have picnics and frequent the beaches or community pools for those living more inland, as well as outdoor concerts, sidewalk cafes and a stroll through a central park. It is a time to really enjoy the outdoors and get a dose of the old Vitamin D the natural way. But in San Francisco, that is not the case of course during the summer months. Those of us who live here seem to be the most depressed in the summer because all we do is bundle up and turn the heat on while indoors just to stay warm and dry.  The only folk walking the streets are the tourists, who often come here in shorts and t-shirts, and are always shocked at how the weather is. So, in an effort to cheer myself up and to shift my eyes from seeing nothing but …