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salon de the – parisian tea salons


A must, while in Paris, is of course the Salon De The (Parisian Tea Salons).  It seems over the years there is one erected  in every street corner, but then again it could just be that I happen to notice alot more of them since I have become an avid tea drinker myself.

These tea salons are the most charming and exquisite places to be seen in and to meet up with friends as well as experience the most amazing cuisine and creative and a delicious array of desserts . The history of the Tea Salons go way back and if you happen to be in Paris, make it a point to have dinner there at least one night out of your stay and don’t forget to leave room for dessert while enjoying your cup of tea.

Once again, I have included photos of the ones I stumbled upon while walking the streets of Paris and just a note, there are actually coffee table books available in French bookstores about the Salon De The(s) just in case you are interested in bringing one home.

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