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french women don’t get fat

Now here is a book I read about 5 years ago and loved every bit of it and for a while applied some of the recipes in the book in hopes of losing the weight I needed to. It started to work, but then as any lazy woman would say, life got the best of me and I didn’t follow through.

Well, recently as a result of my packing and moving, I began to separate all the books I wanted to give away and those I wanted to keep and of course this one is a keeper. I smiled as I flipped through the pages, because I had put a sticky note on almost every page that contained a recipe with my notes and plan of attack written in pencil.

Now that I dusted off the book and  have it on my work desk, I plan to follow the recipes in hopes of maybe losing a few pounds and inches a la francais. After all the American diet plans didn’t work and besides what do I have to lose by trying this method?

So, between the fashion opinion and other topics, I will share each day the meal I prepare myself from the book French Women Don’t Get Fat and see where it gets me. I don’t make promises but I will do my best.


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