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getting my youth on

Normally I don’t do much on weekends except read, write and watch old movies on television but today a friend of mine needed help with a wardrobe. She was going to a club for under 30 and didn’t know what to wear in order to fit in.  I laughed when she told me this, because she has passed the age to go clubing and knew no matter what outfit we put together, it wasn’t going to camouflage the fact. 

As she shopped from store to store, looking through racks of tops and bottoms, with tears, no tears, t-shirts and tank tops, see through, double sleeved, single stitch, multi color and more, I decided to wander off and circle the racks myself  just to reminisce of the days gone by. Even though there is no rhyme or reason to today’s fashion, I saw the 80s and 90s flash right before my eyes as I pushed the hangers one by one to get a visual, then some 50s and 60s thrown in their as well making it even more challenging for her and I. 

I finally decided, just for the fun of it to picked up a few pieces  here and there and try them on just to see what I would look like 15+ years after I dressed to go clubing. I failed miserably as I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror. It is funny how some things look amazing on the racks but not so when a women in her 40s with an envy of a woman in her 20s tries them on. 

At the end of the shopping spree attempt, I purchased two scarfs for my mother and walked over to the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream shop and ordered myself a two scooper. After scuffing it down, I walked away feeling more satisfied (or so I told myself) than the women under 40 carrying a potpourri of shopping bags.  And by the way, my friend opted for a three scooper.

Just in case you are wondering however, the pictures are some of the tops and dresses I tried on.

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