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Friend Breakup

Have you ever had a friend break up with you? In a text message? A few months ago, a work friend whom I’ve known for sometime, fifteen years to be exact pretty much without actually typing the words, let me know that our friendship was over. I didn’t challenge it at the time, but since, I’ve been wondering why… Funny story. We met in the most unusual way. The commuter train we were on, broke down. So a group of familiar faces who took the same train daily, decided to walk along the route until we were able to catch the next train. Which never happened and we all ended up reaching our destination respective destination and veered to our homes. Weeks later I ran into him on the train again, we joked about the day the train broke down. And one day to the next of running into one another and stopping to chat, we eventually became commuter buddies. One day he told me he was moving to another town and was going to …

Lifestyle: Work Life Balance

I feel these days I work more hours and do more chores than before COVID-19. Checking work emails the second I wake up, which is four in the morning and then again at night right before bed (mind you we are a global company) But that does not excuse the fact, I find it difficult to disconnect from work after an eight hour shift.   Are you finding yourself doing the same? The other craziness I’ve noticed is how high the chores have piled up, each day with hardly any downtime during the week (I force my long walks over the weekend to help recharge) but that’s not enough, because by the end of each day, I am drained. As always, the internet reads my mind and sends reminders like these (countries with the best work-life balance in Europe) to help me adhere to some sort of normalcy. For the rest of the surprising countries, go here   – How do you work-life balance? featured image source and full credit