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getting ready for a trip and what to wear

Normally I travel in the warmer months, sort of intentionally so I don’t have to pack sweaters, boots and coats in my carry on. But, this year, even my trips abroad is  turned around and I’m leaving much sooner than I planned, clocking my arrival across the pond, in the winter/not really spring season. So, packing is a challenge of course since I need to figure out how to dress warm and comfy, without hauling too much.  Of course, these outfits are a must: {photos and credit, click here}

fashion: free people and the woman over 40

There are fashion trends and wardrobe suggestions, which I, being a woman over 40, wish I could wear and while I second guess myself about whether the pieces are age appropriate, I do, on occasion, give into the temptation. I mean why not, if it looks good, wear it.  Here’s my latest loves from Free People and yes ladies, they are age appropriate:   FP High Rise Skinny,  Quilted Leather Jacket, Tristo Leather Tote,  Solitaire Heel, We The Free Ragtime Raglan-top

a sex and the city fashion envy

I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a fashion conscious city like New York and dress like the Sex In The City cast? Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco is somewhat  fashion trendy, but it is so mostly on  conservative  color choices. Perhaps  because of our year long dreary weather, we tend to stick to blacks and grays and rarely walk about the city in fuschia, orange hues or bright yellows, well maybe as a shell underneath a suit. This fall, I am longing to add some gold, blood red orange, deep yellows and different shades of green to my wardrobe and hopefully set a new standard for myself no matter how black and gray the choices are all around me. So, for the new objective at hand and the baby steps to get there , I have put together an outfit from here, which I plan to duplicate for the impending fall season. 1.Bottega Veneta Lace Cummberbund dress 2600 2. Roland Mouret Louis Hopsack wool coat 3455 3. Michael Kors Quinn …

fall 2011 fashion trends – grays and neutrals

You may consider my taste in fashion very conservative and safe, but that wasn’t always the case. In my 20s and 30s I preferred bold colors, minis and all things daring to create my fashion statement. However, while on the other side of 40, I still occasionally dabble with daring, but overall  prefer to stay with the most neutral of colors to make my fashion statement. With that said, here is another outfit I put together from here, which I plan to duplicate very shortly.