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What Are Your Plans This Weekend?

Although weekends seem to blend into the week, I still aim to maintain workday, chore day/play day balance. Last weekend, we drove across the Golden Gate for some sun, but did not find it in Sausalito, nor Corte Madera in the early morning hours, so we kept on driving all the way to Sonoma, and walked through the wineries and some wonderful neighborhoods, soaking in the tree lined quaint town – so different from San Francisco. I felt super refreshed, and charged up and ready to tackle the week – which consists of working twelve hour days, plus taking care of my aging mum, and all other mundane details. So by Friday, I am ready to bolt out of the house and do some outdoor activities in line with our new lifestyle – masks, distances, and lots of hand washing. Considering the weather in the city is steady gray and cold, I think I will be heading back out to the wine country, and find a another amazing path to explore…I’ll keep you posted. What …

Fashion: Sexy and Bold Wedding Gowns

I think, if personalized, these gowns would best fit for the stars walking down some red carpet. A gala perhaps, the styles in soft blues, and lavender, white and even black. And if a bride chooses the fashion for her special day, then I give her . Either way, can you guess which is my absolute favorite?

Fashion: Unique Wedding Gowns

I always strive to be unique – which some may refer to as being rebellious? While I strolled along the shopping district in every city and small town I came across in England, Scotland and France, I was most taken away by unique fashion trends, in bold colors, patterns, mixed fabrics and anything that worked to my eyes. I found myself trying to convince my friend to appreciate what I see in those fashion statements. So the other day I found these wonderful wedding gowns and as usual felt the need to share:  

Fashion: Ines Di Santo Wedding Gowns – Fall 2017

I know it’s only January, but the wedding season is in full bloom – with blushing brides already busy planning their dream weddings. Which by the way, if you haven’t got the dress for a summer wedding, you are too late (goes the saying). If, however, you are planning your nuptials for Fall, here are some unique suggestions to consider. For the rest please go here:  

bridal party in pinks and lavender

It is officially “the wedding season” and with it, the collection of beautiful pastel colored bridal party gowns are finally making their way, slowly but surely into the traditional department stores and boutiques (online doesn’t count in this case) and although there are many beautiful colors on display, I can honestly say various shades of pinks and lavender from here are my favorites: