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Travel Is A Great Distraction

As we settle into the idea of 2021 simply being an extension of 2020 – in terms of careful consideration of how to manage through the pandemic: work, school, travel, and socializing – I realize that I need to bring back the travel series. Which I limited it on 2020 considering. So today, I want to share scenic mountain ranges in the U.S. worth exploring. I mean since we are drawn to the outdoors now more than ever, this list should keep us hopeful in planning some amazing road trips this year. {Article and featured image full credit}

Travel: U.S. Lakes To Add To Your Bucket List

My bucket list is growing. It’s funny, all my adult life, I figured abroad was the only way to getaway and that I’ve done all the U.S. travel I needed to in between: New York, Pennsylvania, Montana, Colorado, Washington State, Washington D.C., Oregon, Chicago, naturally all of California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and even New Mexico and Alabama, I’ve seen them all, or so I think of course: So here’s to my list of five lakes in the U.S. I will be visiting 2021 and the rest spread out over time.  Looks like the RV concept is going to become a reality after all :). Featured image source and full credit

Travel: Best American Christmas Towns

You know how some of us Americans flock to Europe for Christmas or prior to the holiday to get a glimpse of how each country and town decorates or even for ornament shopping. Well, apparently we have the same going on in the states, just in case – a trip over the pond is out of the question. Errr…better yet, dear tourists – here’s a list of the best American Christmas towns to visit on your way to the top three destinations in the U.S. (New York, Florida and California) 🙂