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Sunday Morning Thoughts

I woke up early this morning. By early I mean 4 a.m. – usually because my dog is working on the old time – his clock being 5 a.m. and ready for his breakfast. I don’t mind, he’s aging and I am not going to try to teach my old dog new tricks. He is the king of this castle, and I am okay with that.  The first thing I did after his feeding, is grab my laptop and got back into bed. Actually fluffed my pillows and sat, in bed, aiming to write a post. Since I haven’t for a few days – thanks to having to shift gears last week, and working long hours to meet a demanding deadline. On Saturday I decided to drive down to Stanford and hang around the mall. I needed a bit of happy chaos, and to get ideas for the coming holidays. I knew that most of the mall would already be decorated for Christmas, with a bit of detail intertwined about the Thanksgiving holiday. The smell of …

thanksgiving table setting ideas

Most Americans take great pride in setting up the dinner table for the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Why not? After all it is probably the most and sometimes the only time a woman has the chance to gather her family and friends around the table to eat at the same time. I am one of those individuals who take pride in setting up my Thanksgiving dinner table and would consider a different theme each year just for the fun of it. Since Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated during the  Fall, I have no trouble incorporating nature throughout the table decor. Just in case you are wondering what I am  going to do this year and even if you are not :), I am getting my table decor inspiration from the following photos and plan to include a bit of something from each suggestion to create an eclectic feel.  Let me know what you think?

thanksgiving decor with nature

There are two things I appreciate during the course of a year. Holidays and Nature themed decoration. Whether it be a dinner table centerpiece, a bouquet of flowers  on a side table or a wreath hung on the outside of the front door, how about a mantle displays or just a  platter full of fruits and nuts on the dessert table. I usually get a warm fuzzy feeling and even become teary eyed when I see the efforts people make in incorporating nature into their decoration. In light of this subject matter and since Thanksgiving is based around a harvest festival, I have gathered some ideas from the internet which I think are very easy to make and beautiful to look at in any home during the Thanksgiving celebration. I hope you like and happy weekend while  planning your special Thanksgiving dinner get together.