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an apartment floor plan with character

A floor plan, well at least for me, has to flow just right before I can consider it a home. The most important musts:  huge windows (French Doors if at all possible), well lit,  hardwood floors, a kitchen with character and aesthetically pleasing color coordination throughout the entire apartment. So, with that said,  I am hoping to find an apartment  with all the characteristics and charming details as in the collage of photos I put together above.

kitchen talk – small space decor

I can honestly say that the best kitchen I ever had in my lifetime was a galley style with the simplest decor in a San Francisco high-rise apartment. Everything was within reach, easy to clean and a wonderful window, so strategically placed that I seldom had to worry about airing out the kitchen. Mind you I didn’t even have a fan or a vent and the appliances were the simplest and probably the most durable. So, in light of missing my galley kitchen, I decided to share some photos of my favorite galley kitchen decor.