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Childhood Reflection

I have always paid attention to detail, even at the age of five or six, when my parents opted to take me along on a family visit. Which was customary in the Mediterranean upbringing – you visit with relatives for tea and trays of winter dessert, or for refreshments and servings of fresh summer fruits. The adults spoke, and the children listened. It was wonderful! But while I did much listening, I also paid loads of attention to the home decor of those family members who were cultured if you will, or wealthy enough to set up their home in French inspired decor trends. So when I stumbled upon this breathtaking mansion, I had to share what I was referring to: As this particular set up is a true reminder of days from my childhood, where I sat on an oversized sofa, watching the adults discuss whatever topic of interest. There, I simply nibbled on cake or ice cream and admired all the intricate details of my surroundings. Source full credit, referenced above for your …

Travel: A Need For A Quiet Week or Two

I can’t believe it’s already April and Easter has passed. Soon everyone will be busy with Mother’s day or graduations and weddings and well, we all know the rest. And I realized last night while wide awake, tossing and turning, that I need a break. From life, and all things real and simply go somewhere quiet and simply exist. I mean have you seen the film A Good Year?  If so you will understand. If not, please rent it, stream it and see what I am talking about. With that said, I am longing for two weeks in this amazing little cottage in France with all the necessary amenities and some left out – which is perfectly fine with me.