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Decor: Defining An Artist’s Home

I watched a film last night – Poison Pen – and in it, someone mentioned  how one can tell when they’ve landed in an artist’s home – which I am proud to say includes my detached studio apartment –  in the San Francisco home I grew up in – all by the shear eclectic of it all. Kind of like this beauty: Do you ever watch a film by accident, and think it is actually pretty good even if its the cheesiest film you’ve seen in a while? That happened Sunday night – Poison Pen 2014 and not the classic film 1939 – is the story about a writer with writer’s block needing to fulfill a contractual obligation for not delivering a finish book three years overdue. The deal he would write a gossip column for a Celebrity trash magazine.

interior decor: visions of simplicity

On occasion I contemplate owning only the simple things in life and although I have downsized quiet a bit since my move back to San Francisco, I am really considering maintaining a streamlined and simple approach to decorating my next home. This could very well be just a phase, but for now check out what I am leaning towards: