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inspiration: daydreams of a photo shoot

Wow, there are two things I am thankful for today: Fridays and the ability to find a momentary escape from the realities of life (even if it comes in the form of a photo shoot). I sometimes  wonder how it would feel to be pampered and prepped like a celebrity for a photo shoot, even for just one day. In light of this crazy thought I decided to include some of my favorite celebrity photo shoots, in hopes that I would get up the nerve to partake in a photo shoot myself in the near future. Anyway enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

inspirational outfits for spring 2011 – my picks

We all know most women flip through magazines and retail or designer websites in hopes of getting the insight on putting outfits together. While some, without a second guess, order the suggested ensemble pieced together  by the fashion industry, others, with a more creative flare,  find ways to duplicate the suggestion. I happen to do both. Anyway, In light of the subject, I  have decided to put together inspirational outfits which, I will either purchase “as is” or try to duplicate this coming Spring. Let me know what you think? Option 1  – click here for details Option 2 –  click here for details Option 3 – click here for details Option 4 – click here for details Option 5 – click here for details

spring fling 2011 – designer – carolina herrera

Spring to Summer and early fall, most of us are invited to bridal showers, Mother’s Day Luncheons, graduations, weddings, baptisms, bar/bat mizvahs and more and finding just the right dress for the occassion can be challenging. I am not much of a long gown fan, when it comes to dressing up, but give me colors and Spring/Summer wear and I am right on it. Now, I know I have stated before that I am not a fan of one specific designer when it comes to fashion, but I am a fan of the best choices presented to us by EVERY designer out there. Caroline Herrera is no exception to that rule and when it comes to women over 40 friendly fashion, she is one to count on for sure. Here are my favorites from her Spring 2011 collection. What do you think?

the do’s of bangs for the woman over 40

I have always appreciated bangs and have supported one myself for years. Believe me I tried without one and it didn’t work on me. So, I am glad to see them back again for 2011 because now I can actually say I am current on a fashion trend. Since I gear most of my fashion topics to the women over 40, I decided to research the do’s and don’ts of supporting a bang and I found out from here what works and doesn’t. By the way the feature photo of Jill Zarin (top) is my favorite pick of hairstyle  and color I want to see on myself in 2011.

inspirational women over 40: elle mcpherson

I just realized I haven’t paid homage to an inspirational celebrity in a long while and for that I have decided to add Elle McPherson to my list of celebrity women over 40, who I have grown to admire over the years. In her case, not only because of her ability to maintain an amazing body at 48,  but also because of her drive to become a successful businesswoman, designing lingerie for the woman of any age. Macpherson is a European Ambassador for RED, an initiative set up by Bono and Bobby Shriver to raise money and awareness for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and to help eradicate AIDS for women and children in Africa. She is also an ambassador for UNICEF. In her native Australia, she is an ambassador for the Smile Foundation, which helps the families of children with rare diseases and organizes government research grants She has also modelled for charitable causes including fundraising for 2007 British flood victims, wounded veterans, and child welfare group Absolute Return for Kids. (per Wiki) For more on Elle McPherson please click here and …

spring 2011 fashion trends – designer versace

It seems the Spring 2011 fashion inspiration comes from the 60’s, nothing wrong with that in my opinion, the 60’s had some of the most memorable fashion trends in history and for sure should have a come back. In line with the trend, Versace has come up with some of the most beautiful styles for the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Ah, to be young again. Anyway the slideshow is a collection of styles I wish I could wear this year  but since I can’t, I hope to see the youth embrace the choices this coming Spring/Summer. Let me know what you think? Did you enjoy the 60’s fashion and are you glad it’s back.

wedding shoes for the woman over 40

In yesterdays blog entry I suggested some beautiful gowns here for that special day for the woman over 40. Along with choosing the right gowns, it is also very important to select the right type of shoes and although I am not loyal to any particular  shoe designers and their products, I have included an online catalog here from Badgley Mischka Spring 2011 footwear collection for you to consider, when shopping for your special wedding day, or “renewing wedding vows” or simply to match with a dress you plan to wear to a wedding in 2011. Tell me what you think?

wedding gowns for the woman over 40

Selecting the right gown for a second marriage or “renewal of vows” is probably the most challenging for women over 40. But, if tastefully chosen, it can be the most rewarding experience ever. With that said, now is the perfect time to consider the options for a spring, summer and even fall weddings or “renewal of vows” ceremony. In my research I have come across some amazing gowns to consider and yes they are all from Oscar de la Renta. Enjoy!  

valentino shoes for spring 2011

Designer shoes are not only inspirational but in essence have a way of making  a woman feel sexy no matter how emotionally unstable she may be on the inside. (Ladies, I say that with love). In light of this subject, I can honestly say I am not partial to any particular designer, I am however particular to the actual design and functionality of a shoe.  So, here we go, first stop Valentino Shoes and since I seem to have trouble with choosing just a few pairs of  the Valentino shoe collection  for Spring 2011, I have decided to include some of my absolute favorites and offer you a link to the website here, just in case you want to go crazy.

challenges of wrinkle creams

Here is a topic I have been avoiding for a while, but since those annoying wrinkles are beginning to creep up on me, I am no longer able to avoid the problem at hand. However, finding the right wrinkle cream is probably the most frustrating thing I have experienced in the history of my shopping endeavors.  I have visited every make up counter and spoken to dozens of make up consultants, I have surfed the net and  read  reviews on most any cream out there and yet, I am just not convinced any of them will  help nor  are worth the amount of money they cost. What I did do however, is compile here and here some sites of the most highly recommended wrinkle creams out there and I would love to  hear from anyone who has tried any of them and what you actually  thought about it?