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designing lunch get-together in a home with outdoor space

I live in San Francisco, and the weather as we all know it, is very unpredictable especially since I live by the ocean. Planning to do anything outdoors weeks or days in advance doesn’t really work for our type of weather. But I have to say, I envy those who can plan such an event, and for that here are some wonderful ideas from Veranda Magazine – one of my favorite sources for style:

interior decor: bathroom plants

I’ve always had plants in my bathroom, no matter how small the space or how big. I just think, its therapeutic and a nice color to add to any decor. Mostly leafy greens that is. Recently however, I’ve tried several plants in my space and for some reason, they haven’t bloomed as I had hoped. Either it’s too moist for the plant or too dark a space. However, when I saw this idea here, I couldn’t help but consider copying the suggestion. It’s  simple, clean and hopefully will work. I don’t even mind seeing the roots. The only set back (maybe) is the fact,  I’d want to change the water perhaps. Either way I am going to duplicate the suggestion and see what happens. Have you any ideas you’d like to share, about plants in a bathroom and what works and what doesn’t.