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Travel: Paris – That’s All

The song Paris by the Chainsmokers is on repeat in my head today, and I think it’s because I’m itching to go again.  I mean I did in March, but it was only for 3 days – as you know that’s not enough. Even for someone like me who’s been there at least a week each year for as long as I can remember. So, if you are like me – craving a week or two or three in Paris – then you might very well appreciate:  Which Paris Neighborhood fits your personality best – test 2. Discover Paris from Instagram 3. Best Patisseries in Paris – List 4. Bastille Day in Paris – I was fortunate enough to experience once and your ultimate guide 5. Nothing screams romance better than an evening at the open air cinema in Paris

Travel: The Best Eats In Paris

Best is an opinion, because some of the best of foods I’ve had in Paris are not even on these lists. But then again, you may disagree or agree. Either way check these out, and then email me so we can plan a trip to Paris 1. Best Creperies in Paris 2. Absolute best burgers in Paris – although not sure why I’d aim to eat burgers in Paris – but you know, every single time I am there, I actually do eat a burger or two – counts for two meals in my opinion and helps me walk for miles and miles 🙂 3. Then there is a list of top 10 must eats in Paris – and I have to wholeheartedly agree – on everything on this list. 4. 12 Most beautiful bars in Paris – I can envision wonderful rondevous there in the near future – for me

travel: how I travel through france

I’ve been to France, mostly Paris, a dozen or more times, and every time I announce my plans to go, those who know me simply nod, unable to fathom the obsession I have with the country. It doesn’t matter, I am aware that only some of us understand Paris. How I travel through France is easy. I do it mostly by train, and I alternate the cities or towns I plan to visit each year, making Paris always my last stop for a week or so to simply take it all in. I walk through the neighborhoods, stopping only at a cafe here and there to rest, and people watch. I picnic by the Seine River, I sunbathe seated on a chair in Luxembourg Gardens, and I watch the sun set by the Eifel Tower. Never once skipping on visiting several old bookstores, and thumbing through books I know I would never find here in the states.  That’s all in Paris. I’ve also circled the country from one end to the other, visiting castles, wineries, museums, war memorials, …