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photography by a blogger

These days there is no clear definition of great photography since anyone, and everyone dabbles in the hobby or not. As long as a photograph touches someone, or inspires them in some way and speaks volumes just by the image shot through a lens, it’s an effective piece of artwork, for sure at first glance. I’ve taken photoraphs since my father bought me my first camera at eleven, so I have always carried a camera with me wherever I went. Not so much since my iPhone (I know), but I haven’t stopped taking photographs no matter what. Here are some images I captured while walking about San Francisco’s SOMA district during my lunch hour. Eco-Friendly City

indian summer in san francisco

I used to hate the end of Summer, because although it was foggy and cold in San Francisco, I felt a sense of sadness when the season ended. I suppose Summer for me marked the beginning of outdoor activities and longer days and colorful fashion, suntan and sidewalk cafes. However, since in San Francisco we normally experience what is known as Indian Summer at the end of September to almost mid to end of October, I have begun an appreciation for the Fall season as well and actually look forward to it, secretly. Since this past week we have experienced the hot, gorgeous, weather of Indian Summer, I decided to take my camera to work and capture some of the most beautiful colors reflecting off of the high-rise building in downtown, at the early morning hours. Please enjoy the photographers  and remember they are the property of Thank you