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st. tropez and back in a day

Monday I woke up after eight with the bright idea to venture to St Tropez. I figured even if it was after ten in the morning by the time we were ready we could catch the next train to St Raphael to connect to the bus-cheapest way to St Tropez. We queued up in line at Cannes train station to buy our tickets. The sales clerk offered us seats on the sncf with reserved seats on the way to St Raphael and open ticket to get on any train for the return 19euros per person, since I explained I had no idea what time I wanted to come back. We boarded the 1130am train since it was the next available and within twenty minutes arrived in St Raphael. Having done this before I knew that directly to the right of the train tracks there is the bus depot connecting to St Tropez. What I forgot about was the fact it was still off season and buses were scares. Which meant the next bus was at 1pm …

what happens after dark?

I have often wondered what happens in a store after dark? I mean this question could be for anything: churches, bars, museums, and much more, but for me it’s always been about the stores. Retails, boutiques, so forth. So, when I came across this article my eyes lit up at the opportunity of spending just an evening in a shop, a small shop full of intrigue and fascinating things.  Click on the photo to get there: