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There Is This Show – Velvet – From Spain

I am always fascinated withthe 1950s-1960s fashion. I think the whole pencil skirt, A-line dresses, form-fitting jackets, red lipstick, perfect colored stockings and the best shoes, most of the fashion to this day appreciated and  incorporated here and there. I love it when I see a period film perfectly detailing the fashion for  the period (50-60s) and  I think for me Mad Men was the best until just recently I discovered Velvet, a soap opera from Spain. The show is pretty cheesy, in a funny and cute sort of way, and I have grown to love all of the actors passing through, or staying on so far in Season 2 on Netflix. Also perks on brushing up on my Spanish of course. But what I love the most is the show is based on a department store in Spain competing with the likes of Dior and Chanel, introducing to us the best of fashion, haute couture anyone can wish for or imagine.  I love it when a show gets it right in costumes and in Velvet’s case, set decor as …

fashion sense: a peek at spring wear

I love pencil skirts and am glad to see colors are back, because here are some of my favorite pieces  I want to duplicate this season. 1. Moschino cheap and chic embellished chiffon and crepe top 595USD 2. Gucci cotton blend twill pencil skirt 535USD 3. Etro stretch silk satin top 480USD 4. Malene Birger stretch crepe pencil skirt 285USD 5. Tory Burch Clayton embellished silk crepe de chine top 395USD 6. Jonathan Saunders Shannon wool crepe skirt 805USD 7. JCrew polka dot silk twil top 198USD 8. Emilio Pucci stretch crepe pencil skirt 694USD 9. DKNY silk crepe and chiffon top 195USD 10.Giambattista Valli tweed pencil skirt 1150USD 11.Miu Miu embellished cady top 1495USD 12. Roland Mouret Yama cotton pique pencil skirt 849USD