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Decor: A Paris Apartment Reminder of A Past Life

I once had an aunt, well not really a biological one, but her sister was married to my uncle – and so she was an aunt by marriage. My parents were close to them, I suppose they were able to develop a solid friendship over the years, and so we would visit them often. Which happened to be my favorite of things to do when I was a child. Visit the ‘aunt who lived across the street from a central park’ in a far far away land. And her house was a museum, a French one, I did not realize until I frequented Paris and got a glimpse into past all the tourist stuff. This decor is a replica of all things their mansion, perched across the street from a central park.  

Travel: The Colorful Storefronts of Paris

I actually smiled from ear to ear when I saw this beauty of an article because, in March, when I did my annual Euro-trip, with 3 days in Paris, my travel partner and I stood across the street from a restaurant (featured image above), deciding whether we should have lunch there or not, and while contemplating, a handsome man who obviously either owned the place or managed it, stood within the doorway and waved, either flirting or encouraging us to go inside. Laughing, or giggling like school girls, we decided to pass. I think the pressure of him taking our order would have made us spend too much 🙂 – Now that I think about it, we should have taken him up on his offer to simply sit  at curbside, and just be. So, this article, about the colorful storefronts of Paris is actually so very true. I do stop and go inside any store that is creatively decorated on the outside, luring me in – in my case, admiring the artist and the owner …