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Fashion: Street Glamour

I am back from my trip across the pond and the first thing I am wondering, after seeing the most incredible of street fashions, is –   how many of these amazing looks can I pull off in San Francisco -which I always say is not a fashion trend setting city.

designer handbags: kate spade for her

While I strolled through Bloomingdales in San Francisco during my lunch hour to check out the Spring/Summer handbag collection, I have to admit I was drawn to the Kate Spade “wall of fame”display of colorful handbags on the main level of the department store and I must mention,  the photos do no justice to the real goodies.  

just a second i am having a fashion designer moment

One of the best thing that could happen to a woman is the fact, she either lives in a metropolitan city or has access to it within a 30mile radius. I happen to be very fortunate in that I live in San Francisco and although our fashion sense isn’t anything to brag too much about (don’t hate me locals) I love walking through union square to window shop and occasionally treat myself to some of my favorite fashion designers. Just thought I’d share that with you 🙂

fashion: neutrals for spring to summer 2011

I do love neutrals and as we all know it can  surely be a staple to most any outfit you put together or not, depending on your taste and what the fashion industry dictates. But, I am one, who, although appreciates fashion and trends, I do always go with the sure and safe thing for me.  However once in a while I also appreciate some things that may not look good on me. So, I have included a collection of pieces which I love and some will certainly wear this Spring to Summer. 

spring 2011 collection of pencil skirts for the woman over 40

As I said before, women over 40 should stay away from mini skirts no matter how sexy their legs are and opt for pencil skirts instead to bring out their sex appeal. Believe me when I say this, a pencil skirt, with an appropriate blouse or top, can be the staple for most any outfit, from business attire to a semi formal evening get together and I am glad to see a large selection of them here to choose from. Here are some of my favorite suggestions:

burberry london coats wish list

When I am ready to shop for coats, I often look through what’s been dubbed “in Style” for that particular year and then check out my old favorite Burberry London coat website for their selection and make my choices, then I head out to department stores which carry similar styles at a much more affordable price range and try to duplicate them for everyday wear. Although, like many women, I love quality work and have an expensive taste for most things, but when it comes down to it, I also know that I don’t  necessarily need to own the most expensive clothing lines to look my very best. So, I have included photos of my favorite Burberry London Coats from this Fall season and if you can run out and purchase them, then more power to you, but if not, then feel free to visit your local shopping malls or department stores and boutiques and see if you can duplicate the best of the best in coats. Also, if you want to share your findings, …