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Decor: For the Detail Oriented

There was a period in my life – a decade ago, where I would visit new home sites around California just to get a glimpse in person, the best of shabby chic with a twist to Roman or Venetian  style decor choice used for all the model mansions border lining villas. They made it easy, near seamless, putting the collection of furnishings together to create the illusion the buyers all needed to have, to sign the dotted line. I grew out of that phase  – and now prefer to create my own whimsical, with a touch of modern flare. But that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the finer decor details in this beauty of a mansion and from it take a few details to add to my lifestyle. Enjoy!

Decor: Minimalist Prevails

I know the last thing on everyone’s mind is decor in the midst of the world falling apart or perhaps, revamping itself as its been done a million times before over the centuries. I  skim through the news every morning, then Facebook to see how everyone is going to react to the latest events in the world. The  most recent being  –  UK voting  to leave the EU and the aftermath. I normally don’t like to discuss these topics right off the bat with anyone, because I prefer to take it all in, evaluate the situation, read up on the background/history, cause and effect, and all things that resulted in the choices  one needed to make for the good or (in someone else’s eyes) for the bad of something not too many understand  looking in from the outside. I’ll step off my soap box now and shift gears to something not so serious, although the topic of minimalist decor, if you think about it, can seem as serious a discussion as say….politics. A bland choice to …

michael kors – casual spring trends for 2012

The weather is amazing  in San Francisco these days and although I am loving every minute of it, I am thrown off by the warm and sunny days we are experiencing in the middle of winter.  With the strange weather, I can’t help but shift gears in the fashion department. So I have found some interesting ensembles here to consider for the “upcoming” Spring season.