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what a difference 20 years makes

Being a part of the over 40 crowd, I tend to, like others in my league, occasionally analyze whoI am now when I interact with the 20something crowd. Don’t ask, it’s a woman thing. To sum up where I am going with this, I have included two photos which best showcase what I was  like as a person in my twenties (left) and how I see myself now over 40 (Right).  And to be honest with you, I like me now the best 🙂 What do you think about yourself, do you prefer your twenties or your forties?

single mother’s day celebration – a tea room brunch and a show

Single mother’s have it tougher than those fortunate enough to have caring husbands. So, in reality these amazing wonder women don’t really care for gifts. They prefer to be taken out, if anything, to spend a day with her children. Now, I am going on the notion that most everyone is familiar with or has access to a tea room in their part of the world, but if not, I apologize in advance. However, if you happen to be in a city full of tea rooms, than by all means please consider the option. The experience of having brunch in a tea room is amazing and for sure out of the norm, more so in the U.S. than anywhere else. Since I live in San Francisco, I have included some of my favorites below to consider.  In addition to the nice tea room brunch, take her to a show, that could mean a movie thearte or an actual theatre to see whatever is playing in your town.

fashion: neutrals for spring to summer 2011

I do love neutrals and as we all know it can  surely be a staple to most any outfit you put together or not, depending on your taste and what the fashion industry dictates. But, I am one, who, although appreciates fashion and trends, I do always go with the sure and safe thing for me.  However once in a while I also appreciate some things that may not look good on me. So, I have included a collection of pieces which I love and some will certainly wear this Spring to Summer. 

mother’s day gift suggestions – For the ralph lauren woman over 40

Mother’s Day celebration is a a touchy subject for me because, I don’t believe in celebrating such an important person in everyone’s life for just one day, that is something you do for birthdays. Mothers need to be appreciated and celebrated throughout the year in so many different ways. But, since we are programmed to take note of our Mothers with a gift and  a brunch, otherwise we wouldn’t fit in, than I say make the gift spactacular and the brunch outside the home to make it all worth while. So, for the next three weeks, I will offer you my suggestions piece by piece, so you can have an array of choices and options to consider while shopping for the Mother/Wife person in your life. First hand, If she is a Ralph Lauren type of woman, then I have detailed below my choice of gifts for her from the designer with varying price range.  If you prefer to shop online, then click here and follow the arrows to your shopping cart.