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Decor: Inspired By The Europeans

Streamline and sensible is what I realized over the years, my decor should be. I mean I have never been a fan of clutter, nor felt the need to over decorate. I’ve kept my home to a minimal for decades. And now since I am planning a tiny space renovation, I can’t help but fall in love with these concepts:

minimalist home decor

When I was younger, my decor style tended to lean towards shabby chic or French Provincial – but lately, after downsizing my life. (Moving from a five bedroom/three bath/two-story to a 1 bedroom studio loft, I realized I want all things minimalist. Decor, food, lifestyle and even holidays/vacations. So when I stumbled upon this magnificent blog/website, I saved the ideas on Pinterest, sharing some of them here with all of you. I love the great use of color and balance throughout each room. Very peaceful, fresh and airy.