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Decor: Here’s A Home Decor I Adore

The simplest of decors make a house feel like a home and it’s all because of the minimalist approach to keeping an inviting and actually warm space throughout the square footage of your dwelling. Which this couple managed to achieve. Best Paint Colors for small rooms – my favorite Chantilly lace and calm

Lifestyle: Less Is More

Over the weekend, I scanned the house again to make a mental note of all things I need to get rid of – more purging or downsizing I feel is warranted the wiser (older) I get. Clutter is out, and streamline and less is more. Believe it or not, a simpler decor tends to fool the eye into seeing the space clean at all times. It also helps ease off the daily stress – when you walk into a home that is minimal. {source} {source}

Decor: Modern Bedrooms

I spent most of my time indoors over the weekend, lounging around, reading and cooking. The weather was pretty brutal in San Francisco, although nothing like in other places dealing with floods, ice storms, avalanches and other natural or otherwise disasters. But here, rain keeps the locals mostly indoors. At one point on Sunday I sat in front of my computer attempting to write a few chapters, and naturally I got sidetracked in so many other ways. I wish there was an off-switch to surfing the internet when in need of using the computer for work or school. But anyway, here’s what I found in terms of bedroom decor that had me thinking about revamping a room or two. and if you are wondering about the color trends for 2019 – click on photo below 

City Apartment Living

When I am away from home, travelling through the countryside somewhere in Europe, I dream of buying a cottage and simply existing. But then I get back home, to my city by the bay (San Francisco) I long to live in a high rise, with views from each room, making my space feel like living on a cloud.  Kind of like this:  

Decor: Minimalist Prevails

I know the last thing on everyone’s mind is decor in the midst of the world falling apart or perhaps, revamping itself as its been done a million times before over the centuries. I  skim through the news every morning, then Facebook to see how everyone is going to react to the latest events in the world. The  most recent being  –  UK voting  to leave the EU and the aftermath. I normally don’t like to discuss these topics right off the bat with anyone, because I prefer to take it all in, evaluate the situation, read up on the background/history, cause and effect, and all things that resulted in the choices  one needed to make for the good or (in someone else’s eyes) for the bad of something not too many understand  looking in from the outside. I’ll step off my soap box now and shift gears to something not so serious, although the topic of minimalist decor, if you think about it, can seem as serious a discussion as say….politics. A bland choice to …