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Lifestyle: Wedding Or A Great Milestone Venue

I went all out for the party on Saturday – with the most and the best of decor. Not bragging, just stating how much I enjoyed planning and executing the event. Since then, I’ve been fixed on more party planning,  and have already received a few phone calls to help organize a small wedding venue from the caterer, who I thought was kidding when she said she knew how to get a hold of me if need be. And naturally, the internet reads my mind and sends my way, topics geared towards whatever it is I am obsessing about – like this gorgeous wedding venue.   Also, would you consider wearing a colorful gown for your wedding?

Boutique Hotel Pick – Villa Tortuga – Mustique Island

The very private Mustique Island, streamed across my screen the other day, while searching for a secluded island getaway I’ve been considering for a week long hideaway early summer in 2019. Just a hundred miles west of Barbados, just in case you are wondering, this island provides with me just the right amount of privacy, and the simplest pleasures to help you disconnect from the brutal realities of every day life. With a dozen or so villas to choose from to rent, and invite a close nit of family or friends to share in the experience. Although it was difficult to choose my favorite property, I have to say Villa Tortuga stuck with me and so the planning begins now with an email-invite to a handful of family members proposing for a trip in June 2019. Here’s to crossing my fingers we can make it happen. {featured image source}