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Food: Tomato, Zucchini, Halloumi Recipe

I was first introduced to Halloumi cheese in England in March. I mean I knew of the cheese, but have never tried it and when I was in England, I had it almost every night. With tomatoes, and basil mostly. The consistency is amazing to cook with, and combined with a variety of vegetables, especially ones this recipe calls for – the taste is simply out of this world:

recipe: fried apples and toast

This is part of my romantic morning after breakfast series. I hardly order dessert in restaurants and seldom even make them at home. As you see desserts are my weakness. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in Paris, I do indulge, mostly puff pasty desserts with apples, or chocolate. Minus of course a daily intake of crepe here and there. This recipe stood out for me, not so much because it is a dessert(although it can be used as such), but the fact, its made with apples, cinnamon, raisin and almonds some of my favorites. Anyway, blogger’s rule, I cannot post the entire recipe here so click here to get there:

healthy eating: israeli or mediterranean salad – a twist to salsa and chips

I took a couple of days off to run inland just to see sun and visit with a  very special person in my life. The only trouble going from 50degree foggy weather to a 102degree muggy hot dry weather is that I, not only don’t want to do anything, but I also don’t want to eat. So to solve the eating dilemma, the first thing we do was go to the market and buy fruits and vegetables to make salads , which would last us throughout my visit plus a couple of days more.  Before the market and while I waited for her to wake up in the morning,  I scrolled through my favorite recipes to see what I want to try next. I came across this recipe and decided to try it. It reminds me of fresh salsa, which I love to eat with tortilla chips. So what I plan to do is, instead of tortilla chips,  eat them with toasted pita chips to stay in tune with the mediterranean theme. Israeli Salad  Try to …

mediterranean diet staple foods bring a smile to my face

My background is from a semi-mediterranean culture.  I say this because we share the same recipes and cultural views. The reason I smiled when I saw the article here, is because when I first immigrated to the U.S., my Mother prepared my lunch for school. She often times included an eggplant sandwich, Hummus and pita bread, falafal and other things which the America kids at school made fun of at the time.  Now, Mediterranean food is much appreciated and considered fine cuisine around the metropolitan cities throughout the states and those kids who made fun of my lunch are now frequent diners at mediterranean eateries. Funny thing isn’t it? Anyway, according to the article the following are the staple of Mediterranean diet and one we may want to consider when eating or trying to eat healthy.