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Lifestyle: Work Life Balance

I feel these days I work more hours and do more chores than before COVID-19. Checking work emails the second I wake up, which is four in the morning and then again at night right before bed (mind you we are a global company) But that does not excuse the fact, I find it difficult to disconnect from work after an eight hour shift.   Are you finding yourself doing the same? The other craziness I’ve noticed is how high the chores have piled up, each day with hardly any downtime during the week (I force my long walks over the weekend to help recharge) but that’s not enough, because by the end of each day, I am drained. As always, the internet reads my mind and sends reminders like these (countries with the best work-life balance in Europe) to help me adhere to some sort of normalcy. For the rest of the surprising countries, go here   – How do you work-life balance? featured image source and full credit