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Travel: The Need For Water

The past three days in San Francisco have been unusually warm – 70’s in some places, quickly changing the tune of people’s moods. Lunch time at the waterfront, beaches after work, sunbathing in parks – that sort of positive change. It got me wishing I could take a vacation right about now to somewhere tropical, or simply stream these photos on my computer. Nah, I think I need to plan for a tropical  escape.

boutique hotel pick – tharroe of mykonos, greece

Right about now, exactly right now, I am seeing myself in a far away place, where I could nap alongside the pool, or sit on a lounge chair on the balcony of my suite and watch the world go by and just maybe make an effort to leave the hotel just to experience the nightlife on the island of Mykonos, Greece. To make this happen, I have to include one of my favorite hotels on Mykonos – Tharroe Of Mykonos, to set the stage for one of the most relaxing holidays/vacations imaginable.  BTW this would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift:  

dreaming of a vacation

I woke up to the sound of tree branches knocking against my window as a result of an overnight storm. I looked outside and saw nothing but dark clouds, wind and horizontal raindrops.  While my other half was kind enough to give me a ride to work, just to avoid the muni drama in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but hint to him, how much I was in need of a tropical vacation.  He may have thought I was kidding, but as soon as I got to work (very early) I began to research the much need R&R vacation. I am considering: