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actors: then and now in relation to the woman over 40

Every year around my birthday, I somehow end up looking at photographs of myself and wonder if I’ve aged for the better or not?  If that makes sense to anyone else. This year I decided instead of worrying about how I’ve aged or aging, to shift my attention to some of Hollywood’s iconic celebs who are now in their 40s. Let me know what you think – Have they aged for the better or worse?

inspirational woman over 40: vanessa paradis

I hadn’t seen a foreign film for a while and so last night I logged into Netflix and watched the film Heartbreak (English title) with Vanessa Paradis  (For those of you who don’t know of her, she is Johnny Depp’s wife). Anyway, I have reviewed the film on my other blog here, but in keeping with the theme of this blog, I just want to say French women (over 40) are truly beautiful no matter what flaws they may have.  I love the fact, no matter how the critics treat Vanessa for the gap in her teeth, she, like Twiggy (from the 60s) march on without a care in the world.  Apparently, that hasn’t stopped her from working as an actor, singer or a model even to this day. The funny thing is if she were in the U.S., since we are so stuck on imagine, she would have been forced to fix her imperfections to stay in the industry.     I just wanted to say thank you Vanessa for staying true to yourself, it …