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a chance to ponder

Wouldn’t it be lovely, if we could all escape, maybe just for a few days from everything metropolitan and just relax?

happy moments and proud parents

I had forgotten how important a child’s graduation is to parents, until of course, I received am email invite a while back to attend one this coming weekend.  So, I am excited to report that I am off to catch a flight  across the country, so that I can  attend the college graduation ceremony for two of my favorite people in the world. Congrats to you both. My dears, your hard work has truly paid off and you have made your parents very proud. 🙂 Have a truly nice weekend everyone!!!

happy mother’s day from

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful and amazing women, without you the world would simply cease to exist. You are the most inspirational, fascinating, amazing and admirable individuals on the face of this planet. Thank you for everything, I am truly humbled by your dedication and sacrifice.