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Today’s Focal Point

I’ve turned to quotes most of my life to get me through some things…and I think out of the dozen or so, this is the most fitting for today… quote source

Absence May Grow The Heart Fonder

In an optimistic world, one wakes up on a Monday morning looking ahead to a balanced week – some work, some play, a lot of home cooking and enjoying many films, preferably foreign or filmed on location somewhere one might be longing to travel to. But, that isn’t always the case, because the universe usually has something different in store – especially when you least expect it. Last week, too many things reshaped my days, and I felt overwhelmed until I slowly regrouped and began figuring out a rhythm to follow.  Do you ever feel that way? When your life goes out of whack and you are left with figuring out a new way to adapt. Haha! What am I talking about – this year we’ve all had to figure out a new lifestyle. The sad thing about obstacles in life is that the first thing it does is suck the creativity out of you and hence the most creative of things become the most difficult to attain. So while I continue to readjust my …

foggy monday morning in san francisco

Not sure if we hit that ugly foggy season really early this year. The one that blankets the city from sometime in May to August or early September-the longest days of the year, making it gray and too blah to feel inspired.  Anyway, if I were to explain to you in photographs what my mood is, then I’d have to say: {all photo source click here}

inspiring thoughts to live by – part deux

A challenging week, yet again, but no worries, I know how to pep talk myself out of a bad thing and into a pleasant one.  The main thing to remember, while feeling like the world is caving in, stay positive and focused and live like you mean business and remember no matter what “this too shall pass” Happy weekend!!! When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Franklin D. Roosevelt “The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” Ivy Baker Priest