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lifestyle: Just Something to Share About A Film

Me Before You opens in the U.S. on Friday  and I couldn’t be more excited to go see the film about a novel I read weeks ago, and loved every word of it. The novel which has left such an impression on me, in every sense of the word, from the author’s writing style, which I admire, to the story, to the characters, and how well she managed to weave together all of it to create  the perfect a story –  I cannot seem to stop thinking about. So, until Friday, I have been obsessively reading the reviews, the actors interviews, and all that’s been said on social media about the story turned film. (I suppose keeping the momentum). What is it about love stories where one person is terminally ill? Is it the unconditional love expressed in between the pages or on screen? The fact, there is an expiration date to their forever, breaking our hearts? Or is it simply a reminder of how wonderful and caring people can be? Anyway, let me know …

Location Is Everything When Writing a Novel

Like a film set, location in books are equally important, finding just the perfect house or apartment, cafe down the street, a restaurant, hotels, and cabins, beach scenes or inland, all of it play a major role while writing–enticing the imagination. What’s funny is that I’ll stumble upon a place while exploring the world, or even in the bay area, and I’ll stop and take a picture, and take it home, download it on my laptop and arrange it in the order I want to see a story pan out. In light of this style of writing if you will, I want to share with you the four significant hotels I used in my first novel – Piazza Navona – click here to read about them and here to order the book