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Fashion: Cotton and Lace

In my twenties I went through a phase of wearing nothing but dresses and tops adorned with lace and fancy trimmings. My boyfriend at the time wasn’t a fan, so I shifted my attire to all things he would appreciate to try to captivate him. Eh, we all do silly little things here and there, but since then I’ve stayed true to my style of wearing whatever feels right :). But I stumbled upon this site, while searching for children’s wear to expand right here (coming soon), and I have to admit – I am loving a few adult pieces, like… And how cute are these? 

This Week Is All About Interesting Topics – Money, Marriage and a Move

This week has been a strange one – with many weirdness I’ve come to learn about, and a few I’ve known about and now in the midst of them taking shape. First up, our company leadership decided to move the San Francisco office from the most desirable real estate to the least one a few blocks down. This decision has created much discontent among the staff. And although they have expressed disapproval over the course of the last six months, they know they must either pack their ‘stuff’ and move along with the program or simply leave. What is it about change that we all hate? Is it the idea of the unknown, or the fact someone else is making the change for us?  Second, a close friend of mine found out from a friend of a friend of a friend that his wife has filed for divorce, and the idea of it has shocked him immensely.  At first, I sympathized, and after hearing his story, I realized his  euphoric views of what marriage is, …