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Decor: Screened-In Porches For Lazy Summer Days

Screened-in porches are not the norm in California, so when we bought our house in Sacramento a decade ago (and sold it since) – we never considered attaching a porch and so the summer nights, and early mornings were spent indoors just so I wouldn’t get attacked by mosquitoes – since I am very allergic. Which made me often wondered, why have such a perfectly landscaped backyard if I wasn’t able to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months. Recently, I’ve been considering a renovation project for a home of a friend in the suburbs, about two hours from San Francisco, where a screened-in porch would be ideal – at least for my visits 🙂 Would you consider a screened-in porch or have one you adore?    

Decor: A Home In Central Coast

While I hide in the middle of California – 20 minutes from Solvang, 40 to San Luis Obispo and the fine wine region in between, I can’t help but notice all topics relating to this quick and easy getaway for this California gal.  In this case, the modern take on a beautiful home in Monterey – That’s all. Have a nice day 🙂    

Decor: Picking The Right Exterior Design For Your Home

We’ve been procrastinating on the idea of replacing our roof and with that of course refreshing the paint or the look of the exterior. Although the wait list for a roof replacement is a mile or two long and the cost – very out of to control in comparison to other places around the country, it needs to be done. We know we are getting ripped off, but what can you do. The price one has to pay for living in such an expensive city. Anyway, while we wait out our turn – it looks like early March or late March – who knows anymore, I am already doing research on the rest of the exterior decor with minor design updates. Here’s my favorites so far: And here’s the rest of my favorites from Home Designing 🙂 just because I love modern architecture and design: