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Getaway For The Holidays

My all-time favorite holiday film, is The Holiday, where two women exchange homes during the holidays, in hopes of getting away from their otherwise mundane or meaningless lifestyle – only to discover love in all the right places. So today, just for fun, I am wondering, which getaway would you choose, if you had the change to exchange or actually simply find the perfect holiday escape…

Boutique Hotel Pick – Belmond La Residencia – Mallorca, Spain

I can’t say it enough – October is a wonderful time to travel and with the need of taking a week or so to simply unplug, you may want to consider Mallorca, Spain and this spectacular boutique hotel, which is  wonderful anniversary present, or a honeymoon destination or just because. I mean really, what more do I need to say?

fireplace mantel holiday decor

I don’t think I need to remind anyone celebrating Christmas, how significant a fireplace mantel is during the holiday season.  It is a place where stockings are hung, Christmas cards are displayed and/or festively decorated  with holiday trim by those, like me, who do not really care for the stocking scene. In light of this subject, I found some wonderful photos of various fireplace mantel decor which I think are truly “delightful” (did I really say that) and not over the top.