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Interesting Finds Online – Vol 10

Finally made it to the country for a few days, where I was shocked to see the moon, the first night. It’s funny how we take things for granted until it isn’t there anymore. In my case, due to the crazy heavy fog in San Francisco, I haven’t seen the moon since early May.  So you can imagine my amazement when I lay in bed Wednesday night and saw the moon shining across my room. Besides that fact, during the very hot hours in the day in this neck of the woods where it’s not smart to be outdoors, I got online (of course) and found these interesting topics:

Architecture: The Heart and Soul of Abandoned Buildings

As I walk by an abandoned building in San Francisco, I feel a sense of sadness that someone thought it was good to simply walk away and leave the structure in shambles. I literally find myself apologizing and wishing I could get the place restored to its old glory and do something useful with it. In light of this sad blog entry, I share with you some of the most beautiful abandoned buildings detailed by Architecture Digest here:  

foggy monday morning in san francisco

Not sure if we hit that ugly foggy season really early this year. The one that blankets the city from sometime in May to August or early September-the longest days of the year, making it gray and too blah to feel inspired.  Anyway, if I were to explain to you in photographs what my mood is, then I’d have to say: {all photo source click here}

happy autumn 2014

For decades, I’ve only welcomed Summer. I suppose it had something to do with being young, and looking forward to not being in school. Then in later years, I considered Summer time the only time for vacations, loving the chaos of it all anywhere I traveled. In the last five years however, I’ve started to notice Fall, and decided to travel off season (being Fall) to avoid the crowds, the chaos, quickly realizing it’s the best time of the year to admire your surroundings while on holiday/vacation. At the same time, I’ve grown to appreciate Autumn in a different way, preferring the season even more now, the older I get. It’s a slower pace, a warm and glowy season, a time between brisk mornings and chilly nights, and bright sunny days – all bundled together enticing you. {Photo source}